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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best real hybrid animals pictures : top 3 cross breeded animals

No. 1 - The "LIGER" - cross breeding of a female Tiger and male Lion
The Liger is no doubt one of the best animal species generated as a result of this technique. Its frontal portions are like that of a Lion and the features of its back portion resembles with that of a Tiger. These too are classified as the species of "Panthera" (cat family) gene class like their parents. The Ligers have characteristics of both Tigers and Lions. The size of a full grown tiger resembles with that of an adult Lion or Tiger. Regarding their reproduction, a female Liger was made to mate with a male Lion, a cub was born successfully and in spite of its poor health, it survived for a time of 15 years.
The above pic is the photo of the biggest adult Liger "Hercules" who is the Guinness World Record holder for being the biggest cat of all time. He weighs around 400 kilograms and has a very good health. He is expected to have a long and healthy life.

No 2 : The "Savannah Cat"
This cat is an outcome of the breeding between a domestic cat and the African Serval. These new creatures developed more enhanced features in comparison to their parents. These are even more social then domestic cats and their key feature for man is that they resemble domestic dogs in terms of being highly loyal. The are the tallest cats in the world and holds the record for the longest jumpers. Their thin and long body helps them to achieve this. These cats are found in almost every color like their mother cats and have a spotted skin. Apart from their face their body resembles a lot with that of a Leopard or a Cheetah, so they are often called as its mini version.

No. 3 - The "Zebroid"
Zebroid is a fantastic animal outcome of the results of cross breeding between a Zebra (male) and any other member (female) of the equidae species, which is commonly known as the horse family. They come in many varieties because of the availability different species of the horse family. They may be a Zebra-horse hybrid or a Zebra-Donkey hybrid etc. animals. Usually there face is a complete fusion of the parent Zebra and horse/donkey . There bodies are not gully striped, but the stripes usually occur near the face and the back portion in the form of well defined slots or patches.

The biggest wonder of technology happened when it started to interfere and modify the designs of the immortal God and nature. Yes you are right, we are talking about hybridization. In this process to different varieties of a species together give rise to a completely new species which is a 'hybrid' that mixture of both of them. The resultant species contains the qualities and features of both of its parent sources. Thus from two different creations made by god, man tried to create something innovative, unique and truly amazing that is one of a kind. This process of hybridization is very important from the 'bio-diversity' point of view. Though some nature experts still believe that playing with the nature will one day make the man to pay a heavy price for it in the form of a nature fury.

But still, the results of these hybridization products that are the hybridized animals have been found to be truly wonderful and upto the mark as expected. Scientists started doing these experiments on plants and got successful in generating completely new species of them. The success of this drove them to try something big and never done before. And then started the chain of studies, research and discoveries related with the cross breeding of higher series living beings that are animal. You will be amazed to know that the results of this were very amazing with full of wonders. Yes, we succeeded in generating the hybridized cross breeded animals to a great extent. Have a look at the best and top 3 hybridized animals generated by man, some consider them very cool and some consider them as weird, what's your opinion?

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