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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Luca Toni Biography

Name: Luca Toni
Born: Pavullo nel Frignano, Italy
Birth date: May 26, 1977
Nationality: Italy
Height and weight: 194 cm, 88 kg
Position: Striker
Current Club: Bayern Munich
Shirt Number: 30

Luca Toni was born on May 26 in Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena. Luca is an Italian football player and plays as a striker for German team Bayern Munich and the Italian national team. Luca started his professional career at Modena in 1994. In 1996 Luca Toni was transferred from Modena FC to Empoli FC of Italy. While he was with Empoli FC, Luca Toni played 3 matches, scoring 1 goal. Soon after one season, in 1997 he was transferred from Empoli to US Fiorenzuola of Italy where he played in 26 matches, scoring 2 goals. In 1999 Luca Toni was transferred from US Fiorenzuola to Treviso FBC of Italy. With Treviso FBC, Luca Toni played 35 matches, scoring 15 goals which was a good performance shown by him, and then in 2000 Luca Toni was transferred from Treviso FBC to Vicenza Calcio where
Toni played 31 matches, scoring 9 goals.

In 2001 Luca Toni moved from Vicenza Calcio to Brescia Calcio. With Brescia Calcio, he played 44 matches, scoring 15 goals. In 2003 Luca Toni was transferred from Brescia Calcio to US Palermo of Italy and in his 80 matches he scored 50 goals where he also won title of 1 Serie B (2003/04).

 Luca Toni
 Luca Toni
 Luca Toni
 Luca Toni
 Luca Toni
 Luca Toni
Luca Toni

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