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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ronaldinho-The Best Footballer Ever-Biography and Photos

Ronaldinho 2012 wallpaper
Ronaldinho Biography:
I am quite exited while posting this.Today my topic is Ronaldinho.In this post I am gonna show you some photos and Biography of Ronaldinho.I hope that you came to the right place and will get the good information from here.For more updates keep visiting my blog.
Ronaldinho date of birth is March 21,1980.His birth place is Porto Alegre,Brazil.Ronaldinho full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira.His height is 6'0"(1.81).His weight is 80 kG.By position in football he is a very good and sharp midfielder and Second Strikers.His fans call him with some nick names and those are Ronaldinho,Dinho,Ronaldinho Gaucho.His wife name is janaina Mendes.At the time Ronaldinho is living in Milan,Italy.His current club is AC milan.His national team is Brazil.His previous clubs are Gremio,Barcelona and Paris SAint Germain.Ronaldinho father was a shipyard worker by profession and his mother was a saleswomen but later on she became a Nurse.His father died due to some disease when Ronaldinho was only 9 years old.His sister name is Diesi and His brother name is Roberto.Now his brother is his manager and his sister is press coordinator.Ronaldinho club number is 10.He has the nationality of Brazilian.His family members was a very fond of football.He was also a very good football player.Ronaldinho was very inspired by his brother therefore watching his hard work he also started playing football.In a short time he became famous.By profession he started playing football in 1998.In a lot of matches he played well but his coach was not good in his favor.In 2000 he entered in the International team it was a great time for him to show his strength and skills.
Ronaldinho Wallpapers:
Ronaldinho Victory Wallpaper
Ronaldinho Stylish Photo
Ronaldinho Kicking the ball in the Ground
Ronaldinho Wallpaper 2012
Ronaldinho smiling
Ronaldinho with wife and child
Ronaldinho Wallpaper

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